Negative thoughts attract toxins

Negative thoughts attract toxins – Like energies attract. If we could be conscious of every negative thought that we had we would be very healthy. After every session with a client, where we have “changed their mind”, toxins will be released from the body. It works the other way as well, lots of antioxidants, that release toxins will help release negative thinking. Using both techniques is the best for clear, aware, daily simple living

Clients and I have experienced a positive improvement with toxin release: Glutathione, Zeolite, and the Ionic Foot Bath, all help with helping toxins move out of the body.

Mental issues about release will also relate to the Gall Bladder and Liver in disseminating on what to let into the body. The Bladder will have issues on what to let go. The two together may have trouble working together if they are overloaded with toxins. Introducing antioxidants and cell wall pliability will help these two organs to work together.

Jacob Caldwell, LMP.

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