Preventing Flu’s and Cold’s

On the energetic level getting sick a lot involves your immunes system which is all about protection and boundaries. To balance this energy it involves not giving away an excess of your energy and standing up for yourself. Be very aware or what you can give away, just because someone asks you to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it. Holding this energy will strengthen your immune system. If you do get sick, check yourself in the last few days, “Did you sell yourself out in anyway?” As a Medical Intuitive I can help identify specifically where and how one does this to themselves.
If one is having trouble with getting sick frequently their immune system is very compromised. We live in an extremely toxic environment which calls for an extreme solution; The Ionic Foot Bath. The Ionic Foot Bath is a dextoxing machine that pulls out mold, chemicals, allergens, metal, and anything inorganic. Our livers and kidneys are filters of the body if they become too flooded with toxins they will not be able to protect the body, especially in a time when it is the cold and flu season. Getting a Ionic Footbath helps support the immune systems so you can take on more and feel better.

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Jacob Caldwell, LMP.
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