Spring Detox

Ionic Foot Bath – The Ionic Foot Bath is a great detoxing machine which helps with extracting inorganic items in the body. The body has a hard time getting rid of these substances itself, so in this extreme time of environmental toxins, its takes an extreme machine.

The Ionic Foot Bath takes out: Metal, Tobacco, Chemicals, Smog/Pollution, Yeast from Sugar, Mold, Viruses. Can help with: Weight Loss – Inability to Release toxins, Increase in immunity – more function back to the organ, Sore Joint Relief due to debris in joint capsules, Allergy relief, overloaded Liver and Kidney. After a 30 minute treatment you will not be able to see your feet due to the amount of toxins in the water.

If you have any type of metal from traumatic injuries, such as plates, rods, or screws the Ionic Foot Bath is essential for the removal or metal from the body. It will increase circulation and take away the pain; the pain is the leaching of metal into the body.

Jacob Caldwell, LMP

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