Chronic Fatigue – “It’s all up to me!”

Jacob Caldwell, LMP
Medical Intuitive & Massage Therapist
Steps to Enlightenment

Being an Aquarius I can relate to this one, rest is the key, running around a lot can cause a lot of stress on your adrenals. Taking time to rest and receive a massage can rejuvenate yourself to take on more. Even God rested on the 7th day. Something I have noticed with people who do the-run-around-thing a lot is that their Strength Chakra or Solar Plexus is running to high. A common trait with these people is that they think it is all up to them and they have to do it because no one else can. With every issue there is a Chakra that is too high and a Chakra that is too low. Most of the time the Heart Chakra is too low. The Heart is about expressing your vulnerability and asking for what you need.
So if no one can hear what you want, then it will be up to you to do everything yourself. So to balance this scenario, Ask for help!.
In the end you will have more people around you to help you with what you need and as a result you will run around less and have more energy at the end of the day.

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