Introduction on “How to Walk Correctly”

The “How to Walk Correctly” 10 Part Series: Empower your health with knowledge and solve your own ailments.


WARNING: The 10 Part Walking Series is for people who want to empower their own self-healing and take control of your life. Do not read any further if you have a closed mind and are looking for excuses to why you are not getting better. Without an open mind the upcoming text may be very disturbing and frightening to you. If one reads and carries out the 10 Part series you may become healthier and happier. The 10 Part Walking Series is For Perseverant and Personally Responsible People only. You have been Warned! Good Luck!

How to Walk Correctly”, is so simple of a statement it doesn’t make sense. “Of course I know how to walk; I’ve been doing it since I was born.” Yes, you have been. What we have also could have been doing is creating inflammatory diseases and ailments at the same time by not walking correctly. In sports, technique will win out over strength most of the time.

As a Massage Therapist my focus and passion has always been to empower people to heal themselves. Healer means “To Inspire”, Doctor means “To Teach”, and in my book if you are not being taught or inspired by your practitioner on how to resolve your issue, then this is called Failure. Failure in medicine and therapy is when you repeat the same practice and getting very little progress with the same level of pain for the client. The same definition applies to “Insanity”.

I have always been curious on how an injury occurs. It always seems like a game to me, finding the mystery to how the pain got there. Often many people do not know how source of their pain and usually practitioners don’t bother to find out. It is imperative to find out that hip pain got there. Was it from a fall 10 years ago or is it from walking your dog every day? If we can prevent an incorrect actively that is causing us pain then we can administer the correct healing procedure. However, we need the person to stop hurting themselves so that they can progressively heal. If the person is currently hurting themselves on a daily basis is quite difficult to have an effective treatment plan.

The most profound and preventable injury that I see is that people do not walk correctly. As a society we don’t really walk anymore. We walk to the bathroom, to the car, down the hall, but now we rarely walk a mile or 2 to work or to the store. Sometimes I will here, “I had to park 3 blocks away to get here!” If you have trouble walking 3 blocks, you need to walk those 3 blocks. We are such a technological society that we have stomped on Nature for egotistical technology. We think an MRI and surgery is going to help us with our knee issue when really it comes to flexing your muscle correctly. We think technology is going to save us from everything, but if we can listen to Nature it has all the solutions already. The problem is we have to listen to Nature and accept things are easy, which is the hard part.

I have seen many different pain issues such as Arthritis, Scoliosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Bursitis, inflamed joints, ACL/MCL tears, shin splints, falling arches, tight IT Bands, bunions, low back pain, chronic neck pain, and one leg shorter than the other. As far as I am concerned these issues all have to do with one thing: HOW YOUR FOOT [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] GROUND. If you have ever constructed a house you would know that the leveling of the foundation is an important part of the building process otherwise you will have crooked windows, walls, and roofs. So goes the same with the body.

The full range of motion of the leg and foot must be exercised otherwise if one continually skips parts of the steps it will be like a house on a slowly sinking foundation. Soon you will have chronic issues above the waist and no matter what kind of therapy you do the issue never resolves and continually reappears. Usually where the pain is, is not the problem, but the symptom. If the window is crooked it has nothing to do with the window itself, it is the crooked foundation, the same thing happens with the body. Often crooked hips and low back pain has to do with the simple technique of not [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] your big toe. You can rub that back all you want but if you do not flex that toe your back is going to keep hurting for a long time.

There have been many devices like orthotics, ointments, and surgeries but all of these are temporary solutions. If you do not flex that foot correctly nothing will change. I have had people lay on my massage bed and they think all I need is for you to rub that spot and it will be gone. And then I have to apologize and say this session is only effective for inspiring you on how to heal and you sir need to flex your foot properly.

Unfortunately walking correctly is not an easy thing to master at first and takes a lot of discipline. Breaking habits is very difficult but the rewards to being able to heal yourself and prevent further injury is quite empowering. I like to think if I was thrown out into the forest would I have to need anything? I don’t want to have to depend on needing something like pharmaceuticals, orthotics, or syringes. I want to be truly health empowered with self-knowledge. After learning the “Walking Correct Technique” you are going to have to ask yourself, “If I can heal this what else can I do? Answer: Everything!

At first learning how to walk again requires a lot of thinking about your feet and can seem overwhelming. So I have broken the steps up so that you can focus on one thing at a time. It is tough to do them all at once but if you can do one you can do the next.



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 Walking Correctly Part 1 of 10: ROM of the Ankles is equal to ROM of the HIP

 Walking Correctly Part 2 of 10: Toes Forward

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Walking Correctly Part 4 of 10: Grip the Ground – No more Falling Arches

Walking Correctly Part 5 of 10: Finesse – Relax, Spread, Flex, and Stretch

Walking Correctly Part 6 of 10: Walking Improves Health

Walking Correctly Part 7 of 10: Walking Incorrectly Affects Posture

Walking Correctly Part 8 of 10: The Mental Manifesting – Your Mind Makes your Posture

Walking Correctly Part 9 of 10: The Bad & Ideal Shoes

Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health


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