Walking Correctly Part 1 of 10: Range of Motion of the Ankles is equal to Range Of Motion of the HIP

Walking Correctly Part 1 of 10: ROM of the Ankles is equal to ROM of the HIP

Flexibility and excising the full range of motion of any appendage should be a major goal to focus on. This is what I like about yoga; it puts you in positions you would not ordinary get into yourself. But what yoga does the best is tone and strengthen joints while utilizing full range of motion. Body awareness and foot presence is key to mastering the full 10 Part Walking Series.

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“How to Walk Correctly”

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I have observed that most people’s ankles are stiff and are stuck at the 90 degree ankle. When the leg takes a step forward the front of the foot should be lifted upwards as well. Making sure to hit the heel and not be flat-footed. You should feel your Tibialis Anterior working very hard and if it hurts you are doing it right.

degree of feet

When you lift the foot an inch more upwards this will allow your leg to mover farther forward in its stride. People with hip issues and tight IT Bands often fall into this category. If one is NOT lifting their foot and allowing their leg to move forward you will be causing the front of your hip to become atrophied and stale. Staleness in a joint will become hard because blood circulation cannot move through the muscle. This will make your joint less maneuverable and may make it susceptible to being injured later. Tight muscles are like glass and if jarred suddenly they shatter. Keep your muscles and joints lucid and flexible with a full range of motion technique so they are more tolerable to outer circumstances.

ROM degree
It is good to massage your Tibialis Anterior to help loosen up the ankle . Hold the muscle and flex your foot up and down. Flex into the muscle while pressing into it. Continue to press into it while stretching it downwards. This is a bit of the StretchFlex Technique.






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Intro The “How to Walk Correctly” 10 Part Series: Empower your health with knowledge and solve your own ailments.

Walking Correctly Part 1 of 10: ROM of the Ankles is equal to ROM of the HIP



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