Walking Correctly Part 2 of 10: Toes Pointed IN or OUT?

Walking Correctly Part 2 of 10: Toes Pointed In or Out?

In a full length leg stride it is imperative to have your toes pointed [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] the whole time! It is easy to think you are doing this when your leg is in front of you. But what people miss is the technique when your leg is behind you. When your leg is behind you it is easy to turn your foot outwards. 80% of people will point their toes outwards and the other 20% will point their toes inwards.

in feet2

If you walk with your toes pointed outward you will only be using more of the outside leg muscles. Like in Part 1 it is key to achieve full range of motion in all joints. If you are only using one side of your leg this is where shin splints, hip issues and low back pain will develop later. People who have their toes pointed inwards will have plantar fasciitis, toe arthritis, and tight front hips.


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Your hip muscles are in charge of changing direction when you are walking. Deep Tissue Massage and stretching these areas will help with improving toe direction. Sitting on a Yoga ball while flexing into the ball will help break up tight hip muscles.
out feet

Toes pointed [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] will help you get ready for Part 3.

Take note to follow Walking Correctly Part 8 of 10 which will go in to detail on how your Mental Pattern creates which way your toes point.

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Walking Correctly Part 2 of 10: Toes IN or OUT?

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  1. WRONG. The skeleton is MEANT to have toes point 10-2; pointing toes forward leads to knock-knees, imp[roper ankle, knee, hip & spine alignment. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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