Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health

Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health

Walking Meditation

skeleton foot

For all those over-thinkers who can’t get out of their head, thinking about your feet is a great mediation exercise. When one thinks about how their feet touch the ground, it helps you forget about repetitive or useless thoughts. It’s like you are sucking all the excess thoughts out of your head and using it as glue to connect with the Earth. If you really think about it, with all that thinking do you really get more done? Taking a break and feeling your body touch the earth will help your conscious rest and your subconscious will come up with better ideas. Plus when you take time to rest your body the mind has a better house to settle in.

Massage Therapy

Massage is really great for loosening very tight walking muscles. When you have been walking for decades incorrectly it is difficult to just go cold turkey and all of a sudden start successfully walking the correct way. Improper technique has become a habit and breaking habits takes some time to undo. After decades of walking incorrectly overstretched muscles can be very difficult to engage. Overstretched muscles will usually be the muscles that are causing the pain. Flexing these muscles will keep them from becoming more stretched and once flexed they will stretch the over used tight muscles which exhibit no pain. “Typical toe outward” people will have tight outside legs and over stretched inside legs.

dark hair mass lady2

Massage can help get you started walking correctly because massage techniques such as cross fiber friction can help break up scar tissue muscles. Once these tight muscles can relax a bit it will be easier to flex and strength the overstretched muscles. Knots and ropey muscles are overstretched muscles. They have become this way because when a muscle is overstretched it must protect itself by hardening itself. The overstretched muscles are the ones that exude the pain because the tendon is about to ripped from the bone. Tight muscles are the real cause which usually exudes no pain because they are stealing the space from the overstretched muscles. It is like a tug a war in your body. The best way to resolve the battle is to balance the scale. Flex overstretched muscles and stretch the tight ones. You can rub overstretched muscles all day and it will have very little lasting effect. By stretching and lengthening the tight muscle that gives off no pain will have more beneficial relief to the overstretched muscle.

Check the StretchFlex Technique it is vastly superior to just stretching a muscle. It works just how sounds – Stretch the tight muscle one direction and then Flex the painful muscle the opposite direction.

Yoga: Chair Pose

There are not too many exercise for the inside legs besides walking but there is one in particular that will let you know about your inside legs. The Chair Pose!

Yoga utkatasana chair powerful pose

To really access the inside leg muscles it is important to have a firm object in between your knees or thighs like a soft soccer ball, Yamana ball, firm pillow, yoga block, or a bouncy red ball.

Put the firm object between your knees and squeeze them tighter and strike the Chair Pose. Feel the inside leg burn and push your inside feet downwards into the ground.

It is important to feel these muscles as this will add more awareness to your walking technique and you will know if you are walking correctly or not. Step Point 3 & 4 is all inside legs and is imperative to a correct walking posture.

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Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health


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