Walking Correctly Part 9 of 10: The Bad & Ideal Shoes

Walking Correctly Part 9 of 10: The Bad & Ideal Shoes

Bad Shoes

As previously stated in Part 5 it is best to be able to feel the ground and [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] your feet. In the waitress world there is a popular shoe that most wear that is like a clog. The sole is very hard and the foot cannot[Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] into the ground. Many waitresses and servers have some kind of low back, hip, or leg issue. When I have the waitresses change their shoes to a more flexible shoe their issues went away within a week. Binding your feet or too cushy of a sole does not help foot health. Flexing and [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] your feet is best for circulation and structure strengthening.

Ideal Shoes

I like to wear Sketchers, a sporty good looking shoe. The sole is very thin and I am able to really feel the ground. Another Shoe company with a thin sole is Vibram, I like to call their shoes “Monkey Feet”, and they look like gloves for your feet. This is the best shoe scenario because one will ultimately feel every piece of the ground and your feet will become very strong. However one must start out slow because walking correctly at first is very hard. Pace yourself and work the walking series slowly.

When I first started the process I was a competitive swimmer for many years. After that I moved to sports like running and softball. I developed very bad shin splints which is the direct result of walking on the outside of your feet. It took me 2 years to be able to Walk Correctly around Green Lake in Seattle which is about 3 miles long. I slowly built up to being able to walk that far and breaking the bad habit of walking is mentally tough as well.



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New Shoes

If you are going to start walking correctly you are going to have to get some new shoes. Attempting to walk correctly with your old shoes that are worn out is very difficult. As the shoes wear out naturally the wear will continually get worse and your walking technique also gets slowly worse. If you walk on the outside or your feet the heel and outside edge becomes more and more worn and attempting to hit the inside foot becomes harder to do because it feels like you have a large bump in your shoe which make walking correctly harder to maintain.
I have been able to observe my shoes lasting much longer now because I work my feet evenly on both sides. So not only will walking correctly help your leg joint health but will also help you from buying more shoes.

Tip: Walking barefoot over rocks is a great way to massage and [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] your feet.

Note the worn tread from leaning to one side

Note the worn tread from leaning to one side

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