How to be rid of Low Back Pain forever, no tools necessary.

low back never againI used to have low back pain. Due to a knee injury when I was 19, I shifted my weight to the right side and this caused chronic right side low back pain. I pulled this muscle often.

As a Massage Therapist, with the volume of clients I have seen and with my own experience, Low Back Pain is caused by your feet pointed outwards. The more severe they are pointed outwards the more severe the pain.

Try standing up and keep your back straight, point your toes outward, watch how you will fall backwards. If you walk like this then to keep from falling backwards you will bend forward at the mid-back and your head will shoot forward. I walked around like this for a long time. I also over exaggerated putting my shoulders back to offset the slumping forward. When you do this your hips jet forward, this also creates low back pain. When you are falling backwards, because you have your toes out, the back of your hips fall downward and the front of your hips rotates up. This overstretches you low back and this is what causes the pain.

So to solve low back pain I pointed my toes [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] and then I noticed I don’t fall backwards if my back is straight.  I did not have to put my shoulders back because I am not hunching forward. My hips fall into line and my low back pain has been alleviated.

Now walking incorrectly has become a habit, and now walking correctly is a new habit. Sometimes I fall into the old habit and notice my low back start to hurt, so then I look down and see that my toes are pointed outward. I then point my toes [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] and the pain goes away.

So no ice, special shoes, ointments, or any other tools to solve low back pain. It is all posture technique which just focuses on the feet. No back pain relief products here, it’s all posture technique, not due to a lack of a particular product.

Get my free ebook to show you how to resolve your low back pain. [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here]

The best shoes that help with low back pain relief, however got to learn my technique first.

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