“How to Walk” Video Series and 1-on-1 Consultation Here.

Good day everyone this is Jacob Caldwell massage therapist here in Seattle WA.

I have written a book on “How to Walk Correctly. It comes from my experience as a massage therapist since 2002.

I am a problem solver and like to assist people in making health and recovery simple.

I have witnessed many leg and back ailments, and I have found that most people are creating their own chronic pain issues. Barring a fall, injury, or car accident, most pain is due to posture and how you walk.

I have had my own issues of plantar fasciitis, shin splints, low back pain, and knee pain from a work injury, which then turned into how I walked, which then the pain persisted and grew for decades until I could no longer run and my knee would give out without warning.

Upon being told I needed orthotics and maybe surgery someday, this inspired me to look at myself and see what I could do about it.

I walk a lot, so I had lots of time to figure this out. After 9 months I pretty much solved my own crippling shin splint issue and systematically over the years have solved all the rest of my leg issues.

I did this with no help or special products. I found that most leg and back pain is about how your foot hits the ground.  If you follow my special technique on how to walk correctly, I think this can work for you and you solve your chronic pain.

I have found the low back pain is created like this, toes pointed out. The more they are pointed out the more severe your low back pain is.

If you walk on the sides of your feet, look and the bottom outside edge of you shoe for the wear marks, this is how shin splints are created.

If you have falling arches that creates things like plantar fasciitis this is due to not opening and flexing your foot.

I have written a book called “How to Walk Correctly”, and this helps people get started. And I have created a video series to demonstrate in motion what bad and correct walking technique looks like. And I am also offering a 1 on 1 service, which requires you to video your walking technique and I will be able to help you with the details to get the technique right. I have done this because people have tried the technique but have not done it correct enough for the healing and body pain to resolve.

What we are doing is attempting to change a habit and sometimes it takes a 3rd party to see you from a distance for things to resolve. It is tough to see yourself walk. And when you do the “How to Walk Correctly” technique you may be using muscles that you have never used before, so it feels awkward and people are not sure they are doing it right. If it does feel awkward and doesn’t hurt, then it is likely you are doing it right. That is why I would like to help you confirm if you are doing right or not. So, stick me and follow me through the series so we can resolve your pain together without extra product tools, special shoes, prevent surgery and keep you out of the wheel chair.

Since I am a Massage Therapist I can offer this book and video series as an Online Continuing Education Class for Health Practitioners.  So, if you are a health practitioner or you know of one. Look for me or ask me how to get credit for reading this information and applying it to your practice and you can receive CEU’s.

Direct Link to the Videos, Press HERE

Intro The “How to Walk Correctly” 10 Part Series: Empower your health with knowledge and solve your own ailments.

Walking Correctly Part 1 of 10: ROM of the Ankles is equal to ROM of the HIP

Walking Correctly Part 2 of 10: Toes Pointed IN or OUT?

Walking Correctly Part 3 of 10: The 4 Step Points

Walking Correctly Part 4 of 10: No more Falling Arches

Walking Correctly Part 5 of 10: Finesse – Relax, Spread, Flex, and Stretch

Walking Correctly Part 6 of 10: Walking Improves Health

Walking Correctly Part 7 of 10: Walking Incorrectly Affects Posture

Walking Correctly Part 8 of 10: The Mental Manifesting – Your Mind Makes your Posture

Walking Correctly Part 9 of 10: The Bad & Ideal Shoes

Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health


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