The one and only way how to get rid of painful shin splints fast and forever.


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Shin Splint

Shine splints never againI was a competitive swimmer and then transitioned into running sports like softball and ultimate Frisbee. I had always been a decent runner but by my late 20’s I had crippling shin splints. Just one softball game and I am hobbling back to my car. I was told by coaches to ice them, then stretch them, get new shoes, get arch supports, then was told I need orthotics….blah blah blah. If a pain keeps coming back, then the above therapeutic suggestions DO NOT WORK!

I found it is technique on how you walk. Shin splints are created by walking on the outside edges of your feet. I watched how I walked and discovered a new technique. I started using this technique and by next season I had no more shin splints and I have never had them again. I believe their is only one way to get rid of shin splints and I have cracked the code.

exercise-fitness-jogging-6346So don’t deal with shin splints, manage shin splints, avoid shin splints, or just stop running or walking. How long does it take? 1. You need to stop walking on the outside edges of your feet. 2. Walk on [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] of your feet. I have pictures and videos on to use this one exercise to alleviate shin splints.

Get my free ebook to show you how to resolve your without ice or any other tools. It is all technique. [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here]


The best shoes that help with shin splint relief, however got to learn my technique first.


Shin splint trailer

Shin Splint

Light Stream Wand w/ Massage


The Light Stream Wand created by David Sereda will start to be assimilated into Jacob Caldwell’s Massage and Energy Work practice. David Sereda a Musician and Physicist has discovered the math that was used to build the Giza Pyramids, Arc of the Covenant, and a lot of sacred temples around the world. He has incorporated this math into a new musical scale where every note in an octave in tune. This creates a perfect series of harmonics. His harmonic tones are available on his web site for anyone to download. He created the Light Stream Wand to amplify and focus the harmonics. The Light Stream Wand is housed in a Mag Lite container, the harmonics stream through a Garnet and Ruby lens. When harmonics are channeled through the gem stone lens this creates Chromium Ions, which super hydrates your body’s cells. One of the simplest ways to heal the body is circulation and hydration. Having hydrating ions concentrated on a specific body part can create deep healing.  Much of the time, scar tissue around injuries can block energy and circulation resulting in chronic pain and lingering illness.

In todays world we are bombarded by chemicals and technology that exudes harmful energies like microwaves and EMF. These frequencies have shown that the body does not like these frequencies and will resist them. This will result in DNA deterioration. Harmonics have shown that they can counter EMF frequencies and help turn on your DNA.

Health can be considered synonymous with being “in-tune”, while disease is considered “out of tune”. However, the problem is what is the appropriate frequency to be in tune with? David Sereda has created a series of harmonics that are in line with nature such as The Sound of the Sun, The 9 Planets, Phi, and the Fibonacci Sequence. The Sound of the Sun frequency has already had a lot of positive testimonials that have helped chronic illnesses and is the most recommended frequency for all-general healing.

The Raymond Royal Rife frequencies can also be incorporated with the Light Stream Wand. Through the 1920-50’s Rife receive many awards for breakthroughs in health and science. He was the first scientist that viewed a virus under his microscope.  He becomes controversial when he claimed to be able to heal cancer and was demonized by competing AMA pharmaceutical industry and the mainstream bought scientist.

David Sereda is taking the Rife technology to the next level with his Light Stream Wand. For a limited time, the Light Steam Wand will be available with a Massage Session by request. One can look up the 500 Rife frequencies to be incorporated with your next session. Frequencies may be able to help with improve vision, arthritis, scar tissue, nerve pain, bone regeneration, frozen shoulder….and of course many more.

Rife Frequencies


David Sereda’s Web Site where Harmonic Tones can be downloaded


DNA damage by EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)


Jacob’ Web Site

Receiving a Massage Makes you Smarter

busybeeThere are two complementary systems to our bodies Nervous system called the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is in charge of your at-rest body systems that are responsible for the “rest-and-digest” activities. The Sympathetic Nervous System does the opposite and is responsible for the “Flight-or-Fight” response which helps from running from Tigers and Bears.

When we are at rest, in the Parasympathetic System, most of our blood circulates around our heart and brain. In this space we are able to feel our surroundings, and think clearer. When we are in stress our nervous system goes in to the Sympathetic phase and most of the bodies blood goes away from the brain and head and into our limbs to run away from whatever is stressing us.

In today’s society with so many distractions and things-to-do we are often in a constant state of stress and anxiety. We are so busy we often do not take the time to rest and repair ourselves. If you are in a constant state of Stress your Sympathetic Nervous System is constantly producing acids and feelings of “get-me-out-of-here”. When it comes to making business and life decisions, you may observe that making decisions in a state of peace are better than decisions made in a time of stress.

Observe a Medic, Doctor, Performers, or Pro Athletes which perform in pressure situations and the ones that do the best are the ones who can remain calm during a stressful situation. By practicing to stay in the moment of peace, one can persevere through stressful situations. By being aware of which state you are in and by practicing both you can better understand when you need to change from one to the other.

By taking a moment in meditation or reflection, is the space to recalibrate what our purpose in life is. Massage is one of those activities that can get you into a space of Parasympathetic activation. When one can take a moment and not think or speak you will drop into peace. Getting a Massage gets you in touch with your body and resets the blood flow back into your heart and brain. More blood in the Brain will make you smarter, which will lead to better Decision-Making , which leads to more money and time to do things that make you happy.

Meet Jacob

massaging cutoutJacob Caldwell has been a Massage Therapist since 2002 and a Medical Intuitive since 2000. In 1998 Jacob used his college degree from Western Washington to get one of those “secure jobs” in the Airplane Industry. However, this experience inspired the great question in life, to find what he was ultimately passionate about and what his true purpose was. Three years later he graduated from Massage School where he was inspired to work on the “human machine” rather than robot machines.

Jacob comes from a family of engineers and with his technical skills he was struck with a passion for finding out how things work. Jacob will spend a lot of time in session going over the specifics on how an imbalanced issue was created. This detail work will help illustrate to the person how things happen and how to never repeat the same incident. When we can address the cause we can change the future.

There is no official formal training to become a Medical Intuitive. Being a Medical Intuitive is more of a self anointing process, either you can do it or you can’t, you can’t fake it forever. Jacob has accumulated many positive testimonials and his reputation can be easily found on the internet. Jacob has many independent positive reviews that can be found on, and Dibspace. In session Jacob will put his Intuitive skills on the line in such away that it exposes whether he knows what he is talking about or not.

Inspired by the books of Medical Intuitive Teacher Caroline Myss, Jacob worked with a variety of healers that helped him develop his Medical Intuitive skills. He has now developed his own system which has been effective with treating a variety of emotional issues and diseases. Through observing emotional and mental patterns that create diseases in the body Jacob has been able to help people recognize their own patterns and work to create the necessary changes. His work is inspired by the belief that everyone has the power to heal themselves. With this knowledge people can be truly empowered. When the body sends a message of pain it is time to stop and listen. Only then can people discover what causes disease and empower themselves to begin a path of self-healing. Jacob believes the job of a Medical intuitive is to help people interpret the messages of the body for the guidance of the mind.

A Stretch a day keeps the Surgeon away – The StretchFlex Technique

The StretchFlex Technique can be overlaid onto any stretch that you already know, it just requires one more step.
When you do a normal stretch notice where the pain is. The pain is the tight muscle being stretched. While you are at the end of the stretch focus on precisely where the pain is located and then begin to flex that muscle in the opposite direction. Note: One always needs resistance to flex the muscle into something like an elastic band, door frame, bench, or Friend holding your arm or leg. Flexing into the air sort-of works but it is best to flex into an item. It is an easy technique to do…to the observer it may look like you are just doing the traditional stretch. If you can do multiple slight little flexes and stretches you will notice significant improvements and have greater range of motion and less pain with any appendage.
opposing muscle group2 copy
If you are doing the traditional hamstring stretch where you straighten your leg over bench…stretch the back of your hamstring and then keep your leg straight and flex the painful muscle downward into the bench.
The same technique can be applied when stretching the Pectoral Chest muscle. Against a door frame stretch your arm backwards and when you feel that is far as you can stretch then flex the muscle forward focusing on flexing the painful chest muscle.
opposing muscle group copy
If your neck is overstretched, and most peoples are, while lying on a bed tuck your chin and flex your head backwards into the bed. This will shorten and strengthen the back of your neck muscles which will help one have fewer headaches.
The StretchFlex technique will greatly improve your range of motion and you will have less pain doing it which will likely lead you to doing more stretches.
It is important to flex and stretch every appendage in both directions. Pain is usually from an over stretched muscle. However just focusing on over stretched muscles is only half the problem. By working both sides of the motion you will increase the integrity of that joint. This is often what Carpal Tunnel, Computer mouse arm, Headaches, and Arthritis is all about…the joint is being pulled too often in one direction and pain is the indicator that the appendage needs to be balanced.
Sometimes muscles can be so tight that they are unstretchable. A massage 2-4 times a month will help loosen that muscle and then the StretchFlex Technique will be easier to do.
Using the StretchFlex Technique will prevent Arthritis and any other potential injuries which will hopefully keep you off of the operating table.
By being aware of how to maintain your body and know when you are about to hurt yourself, will lead to better health and overall greater spiritual awareness.

Pain is the body showing you how to heal yourself – Pain Awareness
Often stretching is associated with pain which is probably the reasons why many don’t do it. But if you flex the pain you are putting awareness back into your body and awareness in and of itself reduces pain.

Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health

Walking Correctly Part 10 of 10: Solutions & Exercises for Superior Walking Health

Walking Meditation

skeleton foot

For all those over-thinkers who can’t get out of their head, thinking about your feet is a great mediation exercise. When one thinks about how their feet touch the ground, it helps you forget about repetitive or useless thoughts. It’s like you are sucking all the excess thoughts out of your head and using it as glue to connect with the Earth. If you really think about it, with all that thinking do you really get more done? Taking a break and feeling your body touch the earth will help your conscious rest and your subconscious will come up with better ideas. Plus when you take time to rest your body the mind has a better house to settle in.

Massage Therapy

Massage is really great for loosening very tight walking muscles. When you have been walking for decades incorrectly it is difficult to just go cold turkey and all of a sudden start successfully walking the correct way. Improper technique has become a habit and breaking habits takes some time to undo. After decades of walking incorrectly overstretched muscles can be very difficult to engage. Overstretched muscles will usually be the muscles that are causing the pain. [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] these muscles will keep them from becoming more stretched and once [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] they will stretch the over used tight muscles which exhibit no pain. “Typical toe outward” people will have tight outside legs and over stretched inside legs.


Second Edition Now on Amazon in

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“Walk Away Aches & Pains”

by Jacob Caldwell, LMT




dark hair mass lady2

Massage can help get you started walking correctly because massage techniques such as cross fiber friction can help break up scar tissue muscles. Once these tight muscles can relax a bit it will be easier to flex and strength the overstretched muscles. Knots and ropey muscles are overstretched muscles. They have become this way because when a muscle is overstretched it must protect itself by hardening itself. The overstretched muscles are the ones that exude the pain because the tendon is about to ripped from the bone. Tight muscles are the real cause which usually exudes no pain because they are stealing the space from the overstretched muscles. It is like a tug a war in your body. The best way to resolve the battle is to balance the scale. [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] overstretched muscles and [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] the tight ones. You can rub overstretched muscles all day and it will have very little lasting effect. By stretching and lengthening the tight muscle that gives off no pain will have more beneficial relief to the overstretched muscle.

Check the [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] Technique it is vastly superior to just stretching a muscle. It works just how sounds – Stretch the tight muscle one direction and then Flex the painful muscle the opposite direction.


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