Relaxation Massage

A Relaxation Massage serves people who are looking to release tension and anxiety, for knots to be untied, or just a treat for yourself. Chill out in a nice country oasis where great care has been taken to ensure your comfort and optimum relaxation.

At your initial appointment, Jacob will discuss with you what your needs are and if you have any health concerns so he may understand the right massage for you. Each massage session is completely customized in order to receive the maximum benefit. A light massage may be applied for the sensitive folks or a deep tissue massage for the people who like a firm therapeutic pressure. A brief discussion before each massage session thereafter will ensure each massage is addressing your needs adequately.

A relaxation massage once a month is for those who like to prevent injuries and maintain current health. Twice a month is for those who want to catch up to chronic pain and take care of old or new occurring injuries. Four times a month is for those who are in the middle of injury treatment and have constant pain. Eight times a month is for those that are in a debilitating injury and are in severe pain.

Thai Massage

Try this unique service to stretch and flex your body back into a pliable state. Experience a series of relaxing and stretch assisted  exercises that is deeply effective and relaxing.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage can give you the feeling of being worked over. Squeezing those muscles will help the blood flow to move and increase circulation. Circulation is healing!

No powder puff here. Feel the Power!

Insurance Medical Massage

Have an Injury Claim? Let’s make this part easy and relaxing as Jacob has over nine years of experience with Billing, Motor Vehicle Injuries, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury Protection, and L & I Claims. Jacob can help you with your Injury Claim and make the whole process simple and worry-free.

An Insurance Massage serves people who have Medical Health Insurance, Personal Injury Protection, and Labor & Industries claims, Workers Compensation, or Motor Vehicle Accident.

In Seattle, Health Insurance for Massage is covered by Aetna, First Choice, and Premera. These Insurance companies all have massage available in your health insurance plan.

On your first consultation, injuries are assessed and a specific treatment plan will be rendered to assist in the best possible treatment for your recovery. Your needs will be clearly communicated so you will feel comfortable knowing your health is well taken care of.

A Medical Insurance Massage is approved when your Medical Doctor, Naturopath or Chiropractor writes a prescription for your injury. Clients who usually qualify for prescription approved medical insurance massage have chronic pain or a limited range of motion with there Neck, Twisting of Spine, Arms, Shoulders, Hips or Legs.

This section is reserved for claims that may happen in the workplace.

Workers Comp and L&I Claims

To get started you will need:

  1.  Prescription for Massage Therapy from a Chiropractor, Medical Doctor, or Naturopath.
  2.  Date of Injury
  3.  Employers Name & Address

Motor Vehicle Claims

What you will need for your first visit:

  1.  Third Parties Insurance information
  2.  Date of the Accident
  3.  Prescription for Massage Therapy from a Chiropractor, Medical Doctor, or Naturopath.

The Third Parties Insurance must include:

  1.  Claim Number
  2.  Adjusters Name on the Case
  3.  Address to send the Super Bill towards

Sports Massage

Jacob has experience working with athletes such as UW Football Players, Marathon Runners, Bicyclists, Swimmers, Soccer Players, Triathletes, and Mountain Climbers. From Professional athletes to Weekend Warriors, Jacob shares your passion for playing in the sun and also understands competitive sports goals. Jacob is skilled in proper sports massage techniques and can recommend specific stretches that will help restore the body from injury.

Jacob is dedicated to helping individuals solve issues and find other solutions besides surgery and cortisone shots. If one is in a lot of pain and the tendon or muscle is still intact there is hope that your throwing arm or IT Band can be relieved.

In Jacob’s athletic experience he has learned Technique outperforms Strength. His Sports Massage Technique uses a holistic approach to observe how a person is using their body. Jacob can observe and palpate muscles to see how the bad habit is being caused. He can observe a throwing arm or a runner’s gait and help diagnose where pain may be coming from or where a potential injury may occur. A Seattle Sports Massage Experience from Jacob will help one understand how to properly use their body and prevent future injuries.

Dextoxing Foot Bath

Get the death out! Heavy metals, chemicals, virus’s, mold, and radiation may be extracted though your feet. You will be able to feel the power of detoxing after a 30 minute treatment.


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