Walking Correctly Part 3 of 10: The 4 Step Points

Walking Correctly Part 3 of 10: The 4 Step Points

Now we get a little more detailed and break up the foot into 4 specific contact points.

Step Point 1: Heal
Step Point 2: Outside Ball of Foot
Step Point 3: Inside Ball of Foot
Step Point 4: Big Toe

foot close up

It is important to hit each point individually. Often outward pointed toe walkers will combine Step Points 3 and 4 together. This will lead to very tight outside IT Bands, shin splints, and low back pain. Inward pointed toe walkers will skip Step Point 1, which will lead tight front hips.

It is important to hit Step Point 1 and 2 when your leg is in front of you. Step Point 3 and 4 occur when your leg is behind you.

4 feet



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Take notice of the muscles in your legs while you’re walking. When your leg is in front of you is when you will use the outside leg muscles. When your leg is behind you, you are going to use your inside leg muscles. What most people miss is you have to hit Step Point 3 and Step Point 4 [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] otherwise you will NOT access you inside leg muscle which is what most people miss. This leads to hip pain, shin splints, and is primarily how Low Back Pain is created.

legs (out)legs (in)

Your feet should behave like a wave fluctuating from outside to inside rocking back and forth. However, to the observer it will look like nothing is going on.

Tip: Use some deep tissue massage therapy on the inside arch of your foot.

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