Receiving a Massage Makes you Smarter

busybeeThere are two complementary systems to our bodies Nervous system called the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is in charge of your at-rest body systems that are responsible for the “rest-and-digest” activities. The Sympathetic Nervous System does the opposite and is responsible for the “Flight-or-Fight” response which helps from running from Tigers and Bears.

When we are at rest, in the Parasympathetic System, most of our blood circulates around our heart and brain. In this space we are able to feel our surroundings, and think clearer. When we are in stress our nervous system goes in to the Sympathetic phase and most of the bodies blood goes away from the brain and head and into our limbs to run away from whatever is stressing us.

In today’s society with so many distractions and things-to-do we are often in a constant state of stress and anxiety. We are so busy we often do not take the time to rest and repair ourselves. If you are in a constant state of Stress your Sympathetic Nervous System is constantly producing acids and feelings of “get-me-out-of-here”. When it comes to making business and life decisions, you may observe that making decisions in a state of peace are better than decisions made in a time of stress.

Observe a Medic, Doctor, Performers, or Pro Athletes which perform in pressure situations and the ones that do the best are the ones who can remain calm during a stressful situation. By practicing to stay in the moment of peace, one can persevere through stressful situations. By being aware of which state you are in and by practicing both you can better understand when you need to change from one to the other.

By taking a moment in meditation or reflection, is the space to recalibrate what our purpose in life is. Massage is one of those activities that can get you into a space of Parasympathetic activation. When one can take a moment and not think or speak you will drop into peace. Getting a Massage gets you in touch with your body and resets the blood flow back into your heart and brain. More blood in the Brain will make you smarter, which will lead to better Decision-Making , which leads to more money and time to do things that make you happy.

Walking Correctly Part 5 of 10: Finesse – Relax, Spread, Flex, and Stretch

monkeyWalking Correctly Part 5 of 10: Finesse – Relax, Spread, Flex, and Stretch

Now that you have worked on improving your range of motion and getting some flexibility in your feet, now it is easier to work on some more intricate helpful techniques.

Our Muscles and joints work best when we can flex and stretch them to their full capacity. This is also very important with the feet. As a society we bind our feet in shoes that either have to big of a sole. Walking correctly really requires being able to feel the [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] below us. Our hands and feet have the same muscles; we should be just as strong in our feet as our hands.

It is important to master the beginning 1-4 Parts before being successful at this section.

1. When your leg is swinging forward, relax your foot and hit Step Point 1. Feel your foot spread out and open as wide as possible.
2. When you move toward Step Point 2 and 3 begin to flex your foot and really grip the ground.
3. When Moving through Step Point 3 and 4 your foot will begin stretching to its full range of motion outward.
4. Follow through – Like in every sport follow through is important. When your foot has left the ground [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] and feel the full length stride.

This part is important to feel the full range of your foot fully relaxed and fully flexed in every stride that you take.

Note: Most Yoga Instructor talk about “old age starts in the toes”. When atrophy starts in your toes the rigidness slowly goes up our body and your joints become like concrete. Each joint becomes less and less flexible.


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Also getting a Massage 1-2 times a month is best to counter a full 40 hours a week at desk.


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