The one and only way how to get rid of painful shin splints fast and forever.

Shine splints never againI was a competitive swimmer and then transitioned into running sports like softball and ultimate Frisbee. I had always been a decent runner but by my late 20’s I had crippling shin splints. Just one softball game and I am hobbling back to my car. I was told by coaches to ice them, then stretch them, get new shoes, get arch supports, then was told I need orthotics….blah blah blah. If a pain keeps coming back, then the above therapeutic suggestions DO NOT WORK!

I found it is technique on how you walk. Shin splints are created by walking on the outside edges of your feet. I watched how I walked and discovered a new technique. I started using this technique and by next season I had no more shin splints and I have never had them again. I believe their is only one way to get rid of shin splints and I have cracked the code.

exercise-fitness-jogging-6346So don’t deal with shin splints, manage shin splints, avoid shin splints, or just stop running or walking. How long does it take? 1. You need to stop walking on the outside edges of your feet. 2. Walk on [Answer Revealed in the Free Download here] of your feet. I have pictures and videos on to use this one exercise to alleviate shin splints.

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The best shoes that help with shin splint relief, however got to learn my technique first.