Computer Mouse Arm – “What is the clicking sound in my arm?”

In the 80’s and 90’s it was Carpal Tunnel for Secretaries and Writers. Now the Current similar issue is “Computer Mouse Arm”. When spending 20+ hours at the computer one may notice how they continually holding up your arm. If a muscle is continually flexed for a long time while the user is in a state of stress that motion will become very tight.

“Computer Mouse Arm” will be pain in the top of the forearm, bicep, top of the shoulder, and the area between the spine and upper shoulder. When these muscles get tight they can cut off the nerves to the hands causing tingling in the pinky and ring fingers.

Notice when your are working at your computer and see how you are holding your arm up while it is doing no work. Become more conscious of this behavior and practice relaxing your arm while “Mousing”.

People are becoming more aware of Ergonomics and sitting properly…however if you are in the same position and are in constant stress those muscles will become too tight…which in turns results in the “Snaps and Crackles”.

That clicking sound is a result of your joint being so tight that the tendons cannot “snap” into the original position.

1.Try some heat in the morning to get things loosened up for the day then Ice at night
2 In a sauna do some arm stretches.
3. While at the gym work out the opposite muscles you use everyday at work. Flexing the muscles opposite of the tight ones will stretch out the “Snaps”.
4. While in a hot top move your arms in the water.

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